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Choices, choices...

Engaging young people in the topics of healthy living and making positive choices about lifestyle can be difficult.

Fast Forward’s education materials are young people friendly, engaging and attractive resources. The cartoon format of our leaflets Plastered (alcohol), Wasted (cannabis), Smelly Butts (tobacco) and Buzzed (volatile substances)  convey a message in a graphic and humorous form.

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Content is developed by young volunteers, with the process of researching the information being a valuable step in their learning. The leaflets are widely used in health, schools and community settings as a useful adjunct to more formal learning materials. Our resources can  reinforce the content of workshops.

Tools for the job

The manuals produced by Fast Forward are used in youth, education and community work settings with content derived from tried and tested exercises and programmes. Our manuals Hammered (alcohol), Sorted (drugs) and Exploring the Depths (peer education) are accessible resources for use throughout the UK.

Innovative style

In response to the the use of ‘legal highs’ a postcard resource was produced, and a poster on anabolic steroid use was targeted at young men in the gym culture. These resources can be accompanied by workshop sessions for young people and those who work with them.

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Engaging young people in the topics of healthy living and making positive choices...


Saed's perspective

“I had always had some troubles at home, I didn’t really fit in and match my parents expectations. I was seen as a bit of a rebel and knew I was pushing the limits when I started smoking cannabis and hanging around with guys who drank too much. My culture is really clear about that not being on, but I was with my mates and that mattered to me at the time. Things deteriorated and I was put out of my parents house and I ended up sofa –surfing, staying in mates’ houses. I had no job and nowhere to stay. It really affected my mental health and I began to get really depressed.”

Saed was put in touch with an agency that helps homeless young people find housing and employment.

“It was when I was part of a group there that I met one of the Fast Forward team who was leading sessions on how to deal with risky behaviour and drugs. I really liked the way they didn’t talk down to you, explained things really clearly and listened to what your views were.

I thought the leaflets were cool, with cartoon and lots of good information. We never got that at school, and in my culture I can’t talk easily about it. It wasn’t always easy, but it made all the difference to me. Most importantly, I could be honest, ask questions and get real answers when I needed them.”

Saed’s experience at Fast Forward led to his first full time job.

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Saed's perspective

“I had always had some troubles at home...