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Training & Upskilling

Adding value

Many agencies and organisations develop work with Fast Forward as a result of them identifying a gap in their services, or the need for additional support in addressing particular issues with their young people. This may take the form of ‘upskilling staff’.

We can provide one-off consultancy, a tailored programme or provide input to strategic project management. We are also experienced in delivering face-to-face training to young people and/or professionals on a range of youth health issues.

All of our training is tailored. We are skilled at using needs assessment to gauge the needs and approach best suited. We can augment the service that is already being delivered, and provide expertise, skills, or support that can be taken forward by the agency. We also deliver CPD sessions on a range of youth issues, from energy drinks to sexual health.


Far reaching

Fast Forward’s experience also brings the results of working with young people, and the voices of young people themselves to influence policy and practice. Our experience has been used at a national level in the Health Service and in the development of police training to deal with young people who misuse alcohol in public places.

Fast Forward works across Scotland from its Edinburgh base. We are committed to supporting young people across Scotland and those who work with them. This can of course be an expensive operation and we endeavour to provide a cost-effective solution to groups in rural and isolated areas.

We welcome the opportunity to provide costed and customised training to staff groups within companies and organisation. We pride ourselves on being professional, responsive and flexible. We would like our supporters to feel part of our world and to engage with Fast Forward’s mission to promote the health and wellbeing of young people.


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