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Youth Problem Gambling Initiative


Fast Forward are delighted to announce that we are now offering our Youth Problem Gambling Initiative Training Scotland wide.

The training is FREE and open to all youth workers, CLD practitioners, teachers and other practitioners from local authorities and charities engaging with young people.

 The training will support participants in:

Gaining a better understanding about what problem gambling is, its consequences and its relationship with other risk-taking behaviours

Further develop skills and strengthen confidence to address this topic with young people and to provide support and activities around this issue

Find information on additional support and specialized services

All participants will also receive a free copy of the Youth Problem Gambling Toolkit, a new resource packed with information, activities and materials.

To book a place, please visit the Fast Forward Eventbrite page:


For further information on this training please contact our project officer Chiara Marin  contact her by email.



Meeting needs

Many agencies and organisations develop work with Fast Forward as a result of them identifying a gap in their services, or the need for additional support in addressing particular issues with their young people. This may take the form of ‘upskilling staff’. 

We can provide one-off consultancy, programme or project development and strategic project management. We also deliver training on a range of youth issues, from energy drinks to sexual health.

Just contact us and tell us what you're looking for. 

Adding value

Fast Forward’s experience also brings the results of working with young people, and the voices of young people themselves to influence policy and practice. Our experience has been used at a national level in the Health Service and in the development of police training to deal with young people who misuse alcohol in public places.

All of our training is tailored. We are skilled at using needs assessment to gauge the needs and approach best suited. We can augment the service that is already being delivered, and provide expertise, skills, or support that can be taken forward by the agency.

Far reaching

Fast Forward works across Scotland from its Edinburgh base. We are committed to supporting young people across Scotland and those who work with them. This can of course be an expensive operation and we endeavour to provide a cost-effective solution to groups in rural and isolated areas.

Increasingly we are developing new media solutions, for example through our SPEN website we aim to provide access to online resources for those developing peer education in remote areas.

Many agencies and organisations develop work...


Jane's perspective

Jane is one of a group of residential care officers that Fast Forward provides training to. 

“I come across a lot of young people whose lives are hugely varied. They often ask me all sorts of stuff, sometimes to see if I really know what their lives are like, and other times because they are really struggling with what to do. I need to know what’s right, what’s current and what’s safe when we’re talking about booze and drugs. And I need to know when we need more help from the experts. I like the training we get from Fast Forward because you know that it’s real and based on facts and up to date knowledge."

Fast Forward can provide training to new staff or to refresh skills and knowledge. 

“It’s not just about being talked at either – they had us discussing stuff, exploring different points of view and challenging some of the myths. I was well astounded at some of the things we learnt and felt much more confident in my own skills afterwards.

I also got some new ideas about approaching difficult situations, and got to ask the trainers questions that I might not have asked in more formal training. They are really good at making you relaxed and making learning interactive and fun. I can also see why the kids like this approach because it starts with where you’re at."

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Jane's perspective

Jane is one of a group of residential care...