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This week we are delighted to introduce Donna, another new Project Officer in our Gambling Education Hub.

I am very privileged to be part of the new staff team employed within the Gambling Education Hub at Fast Forward.

I have recently returned from Sydney, Australia, where I was employed as a Learning and Development Coordinator within the Community Sector delivering training to staff and volunteers from a diverse range of multicultural backgrounds.

Previously, I studied Community Education in Glasgow and this gave me the opportunity to work and live in various parts of Scotland including the Outer Hebrides.

I am really excited about my new role which will provide me with the opportunity to bring my creativity and training experience to a hard working diverse team!

I will be focusing on providing resources to parent and carer organisations throughout Scotland, delivering the Gambling Education Toolkit, by using the train the trainers style and promoting an harm reduction approach. This will enable organisations to provide parents and carers with accurate and relevant information while building on their skills and knowledge of gambling related issues.

Research suggests that parents and carers significantly shape young people’s attitudes towards gambling therefore it is crucial they receive resources and support.

  •  “Young people who had been spoken to by a parent or guardian about the potential problems that can arise from gambling were significantly more likely to agree with the statement ‘gambling is dangerous’, with 75% of this sub-group responding ‘agree’ or ‘agree strongly’ compared to 55% who had not been spoken to by a parent/guardian”.
  • “Parents’ (and other carers’) gambling, and their attitudes towards gambling, has an impact on their children’s behaviour (both positive and negative).”
  • “Some parents will need support to understand and make use of technologies such as parental controls on digital devices and the importance of young people abiding by the minimum legal age requirements for gambling.”
  • “Parents, if alert, can identify, protect or support youth who may be experiencing a gambling problem or at-risk for developing a problem.

Source: The Gambling Commission 2017

In the last few weeks I have also been busy identifying organisations that work specifically with parents and carers to build on my knowledge of local and national providers. I have also arranged to attend some local events where I hope to build networks and promote the work of the Hub.

Recently I participated in the thinkSpace: “A Problem Halved” Event. which aimed to explore ideas on partnership working to benefit the children and families living in Edinburgh. It was a great opportunity for networking and promoting the Gambling Education Hub to a variety of practitioners.

If you would like more information particularly on the training and support the programme offers to organisations working with families, parents and carers I can be contacted at or 0131 554 4300