Substance misuse education

Most of Fast Forward’s work is conducted with small groups of young people. One-off sessions can be arranged or a programme run over several weeks. Groups can work as part of a pre-existing project run by another agency, school or in a community setting. Targeted group work with high risk or vulnerable young people is increasingly popular.

Contact Fast Forward to find out about receiving training on youth issues for your school or organisation.

Black and Minority Ethnic Project Work

Fast Forward is also committed to building links with BME projects around Scotland so that we can work with them in an educational capacity so that their communities are healthier, safer, and better informed. If you are a member of a BME community that is involved with a group that can benefit from input on drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or other topics, get in touch with Elaine MacLennan on her email address.

Our approach

Young people like that we provide accurate up-to-date facts and evidence,that are relevant to their age, lifestyle, experience and stage of learning. Our delivery is experiential, interactive, and where possible needs-led. We are not a ‘just say no’ organisation, nor do we condone the use of illegal drugs or the misuse of alcohol. We do not want young people to be dependent on substance use, or to suffer the negative consequences that can result.

Making it real

Young people are exposed to alcohol and tobacco use through many routes. Fast Forward’s advice is practical and based on safety and health, it is not based on moral arguments. Young people are often confused about drugs and alcohol information and may have accepted as true many myths that are in common circulation. Avoiding and minimising risk- taking behaviour is often a key part of an educational input.

Outcome focused

The style of our delivery maximises the likelihood that a positive message and outcome will result. Discussion, debate, scenarios, or hearing from the experience of a trained peer educator are encouraged rather than the ‘worksheet’ or ‘lecture’ format.

Tobacco-Free Generation

We're delighted to have launched Tobacco-Free Generation with our partner charities, which is an online platform holding resources and information for youth workers on tobacco prevention and cessation. Head on over to the page on the Youth Scotland website by clicking here.

From the outset Forward has been concerned...


Mark's perspective

Before Mark came to Fast Forward he was doing a course at another youth project. He was not coping well with his life and was on a collision course because of some of the choices he had made. He was taking drugs, drinking a lot and was involved in football hooliganism. 

Mark used his own experience to inform volunteers of the issues that face some young people living in deprived areas of the community. He came to training and began to thrive in that environment.

“On my first night at training the session was about drug paraphernalia. To my amazement the others were interested in my knowledge about drugs and this made me think too myself “now this is a place that can maybe help me change my life.”

Mark has remained a volunteer despite facing several difficult periods. He comments that no matter what, he can come to Fast Forward and people will treat him with respect. 

"The education side of it has been very influential too and I have realised that I don’t needs drink or drugs and I can do more without them. Fast Forward has helped me plan out my future with realism. Now I have an outlook on life a lot better than I did before I came here, I can stand up in a group and talk without being shy or scared, my confidence in myself has risen so much that I feel I can do anything if I try.”

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Mark's perspective

Before Mark came to Fast Forward he was...