Peer Education Resources

Here you will find resources relating specifically to peer education, including toolkits and project reports. Click here for more general youth work resources that can be used within youth projects.

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Toolkits, Manuals and other online resources

‘Work in Progress’ by Article 12

This is a widely used, subject-neutral peer education toolkit full of activities, put together by young people and charity Article 12.

No Knives, Better Lives Resource Bank

A godsend for peer education trainers who are new to the game. This page on the NKBL website has 7 chapters of peer education activities, from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Consolidation’, most of which are subject neutral. Also, this is an treasure trove of training videos designed to help practitioners deliver sessions and activities. For worksheets on various topics, the NKBL peer educator Resources section is hard to beat.

Peer Education Democracy Toolkit, ‘Youth Count’ by UK Youth

This is a fantastic toolkit for working with young people around the theme of democracy and voting, and is packed full of activities from beginning to end. You’ll have to register in order to get access to the toolkit, but it’s well worth it. Register here.

Telling It Like It Is by Article 12

Again by the hardworking people of Article 12, this gives an overview of peer ed as well as a few activities and things to think about. Not as polished as ‘Work in Progress’, but still with useful ideas.

UNFPA Train the Trainers

This thorough and text-heavy resource details the training up of practitioners. Most of the activities are ones you would be able to transfer to your work with young people.

Involving Young People in Peer Education by Exeter Department of Health

This long and thorough document will set out everything you need to think about before embarking on your peer ed journey.

Design A Board Game by Youth Scotland

Give focus to your project and encouraging your peer educators to design a board game, which they can then use when delivering. Youth Scotland have put together this excellent resource for your enjoyment.

Preventing Gender-Based Violence by Youth4Youth

All the way from Cyprus, this toolkit gives us a beginning-to-end running of a project on gender-based violence.

EPTO Peer Education  Toolkit

This is a free toolkit on peer education developed by the European Peer Training Organisation, with the contribution of various young people and youth groups across the EU.


Project Reports / Case Studies

Gain inspiration from others by looking through these reports of successful peer education projects from around the world.

The Corner Angle – Summer Edition 2015 by The Corner

The Corner in Dundee run a series of extremely successful projects in all of the high schools of Dundee. This beautiful report will inspire you to get your own group up and running! PDF

Scottish Refugee Council: Pilot peer education project

The SRC have just published their evaluation report of an exciting ongoing pilot that took place in Glasgow and Great Clyde with adult refugees and asylum seekers: check out the PDF.

Peer Education: Promoting Healthy Behaviours

Need to convince someone (or yourself?) that peer ed is a sound model? Here’s some hard facts from Advocates for Youth on how peer ed can improve sexual health: check out the PDF.

DRC Generations: Project Evaluation

This youth charity in Dunbartonshire, Scotland has one of the most successful projects in the country. Here’s one of their evaluation reports: check out the PDF.

Multicultural Women’s Peer Education Programme

Peer education is for adults too. This great report from Australia’s SHINE SA project is worth a read for any peer education planner: check out the PDF.

Peer Programs: Looking at the Evidence of Effectiveness, a Literature Review

Some serious reading for serious peer education practitioners. The 33 page article tells it like it is: check out the PDF.


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