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Scottish Peer Education Network

Welcome to SPEN, a group of peer education charities and other organisations who work with young people and adults on all kinds of issues from sexual health to illegal highs.

We promote the spread of projects throughout Scotland, and our members work all across the country, from Edinburgh to Shetland and everywhere in between. Our dedicated SPEN Officer provides members with toolkits and resources, training and free consultations and advice. We also organise educational events and networking meetings throughout the year, and we would love to have you along.

Peer Education

Peer education is based on the belief that young people often learn effectively when the message is given by other young people. This way of working is also beneficial to the personal and social development of the peer educator.

It is also often used with topics that may be considered difficult to approach. Sexual health, drugs and alcohol education, bullying and other ‘sensitive’ issues are approached from the young person’s perspective.

With training peer educators develop the confidence, skills and knowledge to deliver a session. The process is one of personal development, increasing self-esteem and gaining skills that are transferable to future work or training. Peer educators gain confidence from each other by delivering and shadowing sessions with Fast Forward staff.

Here’s a video by a group of peer educators at Fast Forward and the Citadel in Edinburgh:

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