What will I get out of volunteering?
We hope you will work towards an accredited award, but there are so many other benefits including personal development, helping career choices, educating other young people, fun activities, new friends. Get in touch with our Volunteers Co-ordinator.

Do you provide advice and counselling?
No, we are not a treatment agency but we will help you find someone that can help you. We offer information and education rather than any treatment or support. We will sign post enquiries to other helping agencies where appropriate.

I am a worker with another organisation. Can I arrange an agency visit?
We hold regular opportunities for agencies to visit us. Please contact the Office to arrange this.

How can I get advice on peer education?
You can join SPEN, the Scottish Peer Education network that Fast Forward runs. Go to the SPEN page linked through our site. We can also offer peer education opportunities for young people aged 16 to 25 years with our Volunteers Team. We can provide training and we have a manual to help you develop your ideas.

Do you focus specifically on substance misuse?
No, we are a holistic health improvement organisation for young people and although we do a lot of work on drug, alcohol and tobacco issues, we are very happy to integrate other issues of health and well-being. Ask us, if you think we can help.

Do you just work in Edinburgh?
No, we are a national voluntary organisation and can provide training and work all across Scotland. Our office base is in Edinburgh.

Do you have any advice or information leaflets we can use with our young people?
Fast Forward has a range of leaflets that are young people friendly and can be viewed at the ‘Shop’ page in this web site. Our own leaflets are researched and designed by young people and are widely used in community groups, schools and health settings.

Scottish Peer Education Network

SPEN is a project run by Fast Forward that promotes and supports peer education. Free resources, news, support and advice are all a click away.

Substance misuse materials

We create resources on a variety of substance misuse issues for use in the classroom or youth group. They're designed by young people, for young people, so click here to check them out!