Current Projects

Rebel Roots – Heritage Project

The Rebel Roots project works with young people to explore the history and heritage of local youth subcultures. Since the 1960’s young people have created their own fashions, their own music and their scenes. Rebel Roots work with today’s teenagers to explore what their parents really got up to!

The project focuses on the history of local youth subcultures, fashion and music.It will enable young people to explore and learn more about local scenes, bands and styles since the 1960’s, and their legacy and relevance today.

By supporting young people to take the lead, the Rebel Roots project will improve young people’s connections to their past, break down generational barriers and give young people a chance to see what their Mums and Dads really got up to. Working with the National Library of Scotland, the project will improve young people’s confidence, inspire them to make a scene and discover photos and film of teenagers long ago.

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