Posted by Chiara 23 days ago in Awards

Our Bronze LGBT Charter Award

It’s already been a year since Fast Forward received the Bronze LGBT Charter Award! Time flies!

Fast Forward is committed to to proactively include LGBTI people in our work.

For example, at the Festival of Fast Forward earlier this year we invited LGBT Youth Scotland to come along and have a stall to engage with the 3oo young people who attended the event.

Also, as part of the relationship sessions that we offer for Going Forward, we include activities that challenge homophobic attitudes, behaviour and language amongst young people participating in the sessions.

Fast Forward has also been involved in the delivery of the STASH (Sexually Transmitted infections And Sexual Health) project within 6 second schools across City of Edinburgh and West Lothian. Laura worked with other stakeholders to train over 100 influential S4 pupils as Peer Supporters – the training activities included videos and scenarios regarding heterosexual and homosexual relationships, and also challenged homophobia whilst raising awareness of the LGBT Charter Rights.

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To read more about the LGBT Charter, click here.