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It’s a… Website!

It’s a… Website!

The stork has truly landed! As a member of that half of the human race that doesn’t give birth, I’m not sure I’m best suited to herald the newest creation from Fast Forward. Our new website!  A creation of several parents of course  – as there have been many of us involved in its bringing forth. Our co-parents have been the very helpful and expert Flintriver.

It’s eagerly awaited arrival has occasioned lots of pondering … “what should we call that page/how many clicks are we allowed/is that a good colour/too many/too few words?” But now we are there and we are delighted to welcome all comers to view the new born. More than nine months in gestation but worth it.

Fast Forward has come a long way in 30 years and several website incarnations… “Fast Forward”… the VHS button still has fond associated memories from an early logo and still we see the >> on some of our apps and media controls.

So the technology changes a bit BUT the content definitely moves on a lot. The new website has great functionality built in – our input controls at FF basecamp are so much better than they ever were –  and that all seems apt – interactivity and engagement is what we as an organisation are all about. Promoting young peoples’ health and well-being can only be done through partnership with young people and those who work with them. Like our website we want to reach out and be accessible and be relevant.

This website is a great tool and we know that it will provide excellent information and access to some of our resources. For the first time, we have the Fast Forward and SPEN sites accessible together and staff photos alongside their project descriptions. We have a Blog (oh you know that …) and we will have an active news and events page. Our unique Gambling Education Toolkit is also fully accessible via the site.

But of course and above all our most effective engagement takes place face-to-face in the REAL  (not virtual) world of youth work – where the gritty, fun, creative and informative come together in a co-created learning experience.

So, we say welcome to our website and encourage you to explore and engage, get curious and give us a call, drop us an e-mail, send us a tweet to keep to let us know how we can continue our journey with you.

Alastair Mackinnon

Chief Executive